From the writings of
Dr JJ McGroarty, Easton, Minn (c.1881 - ?)

McGroartys of different places


Illinois McGroartys.


Michael McGroarty lives at 7133 South Wolcott St. Chicago, Ill. Micky John of Sellasas is the Father of Michael McGroarty.

Sister Marcella in the Convent of Mercy, 2339 So. 3rd St. Philadelphia is a cousin of Michael of Chicago: she is a daughter of Patrick and Patrick is a brother of Micky John.

Michael has a brother, - John, who is a teacher in Frosses National Schools, Inver, County Donegal, Ireland.

Steve W. McGroarty works at 216 Union Station, Chicago, Illinois.

Ann Jean McGroarty, R. N. worked in a Hospital in Cirencester, England, during the War: (World War II). She received her training in one of the large hospitals of Chicago. Her home is a few miles south of Chicago, Hammond, Indiana.

Mrs Harry (Johanna) Leach of 7556 Harvard Ave, Auburn Park, Chicago, a sister of Sister M. Cyprian of St. Joseph's Order, now living at St. Louis, Mo. is a daughter of Neal McGroarty of Donegal, Ireland. Her Mother’s name was Kennedy.

John McGroarty lives at 433 E. 9th St., Lockporte, Ill.— Lockporte is a town located about 50 to 60 miles south west of Chicago.


Philadelphia McGroartys.


William John McGroarty lives at 5309 Belfield Ave. Philadelphia Penn. His mother was burned to death when he was two weeks old and his father died a week later; so he was reared at orphan homes in Philadelphia. There is also another William J. McGroarty here in Philadelphia, a contractor and there is a Patrick McGroarty living here in Philadelphia, also a contractor.


New York City McGroartys.


Manhattan: -

Michael McGroarty of 1044 Madison Ave.


Brooklyn: - 

Charles McGroarty of 164 Undrhl Ave.

J. Courtney McGroarty, an Attorney of 142 Pierrepont St. of the firm of Wingate and Cullen in the National City Bank Building or his home address is 2021 Ditms Ave.

John C. McGroarty of 5-E 21.
There is Joseph McGroarty, who also lives here in Brooklyn,
There is a Priest, - Joseph McGroarty living here in Brooklyn, he has jurisdiction over the Negro Missions here in this city.

A R.N. Nurse, who served over-seas in World War II, name McGroarty lives here in Brooklyn.
Many many years ago one of our kinsmen left his home in Brooklyn N.Y., when he was a very young man, trekked his way westward, finally locating in Lovilia, Iowa.(Lovilia, Ia., is a town 60 miles south east of Des Moines). This is Neil McGroarty; he owns a fine farm near the town of Lovilia, Ia. He visited me in Sept. 1940. A very fine old gentleman, indeed. He has two sons, Roy and John. Hoy lives at Lovilia, Ia. Roy has no children. John lives at Des Moines, Ia. Now he has only two girls: his only son - John was a Paratrooper in this late global war and was killed when the U. S. Army made the drive through Burgundy, France.


Queens: -

James McGroarty's family of 10155—106 St., Ozone Park, Queens, N. Y. James McGroarty died of cancer in 1943. When I was in N. Y. at the Worlds Fair in 1940 I had a very instruct­ive conversation over the telephone with his daughter, - Margaret. Margaret's brother, - Joseph and her two cousins served in the late World War: Charles and Frank are the names of her cousins. Another brother,- James, - the father of two children was also inducted into service. She has a twin sister, - Rose-Mary and …. 

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Other McGroartys.


Edward John McGroarty, Jr. of 2800 South 85th. St., Milwaukee, Wis. Graatian McGroarty of Washington, D. C. is a correspondent for the (U. P.) United Press. I heard him broadcast the news from Italy during the first years of the War.

Hugh Kennedy of Kerkhoven, Minn., and his brother Ed. of Benson, Minn., state that their aunt’s name was Kennedy, Neil McG’s wife. Their Sister, Mrs P. A. Miller lives at Kerkhoven.

Mrs. Mary E. Burns,(Nee McGroarty) died at her residence, 547 E. 108 St. Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 84 years, on July 16 1947. She was a very fine person. She was the mother of Patrick J. Burns of 13929 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland, Ohio. He is financial secretary for the carpenters local no 105.


Priests in the McGroarty relationship.


Father Joseph McGroarty of Brooklyn, New York.

Father Hugh H. McGroarty of Wilkes- Barre, Pa. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGroarty of Plains, Penn.

Father Moynahan of south east Philadelphia; he states that his Mother's name was McGroarty. He is a very particular friend of Dr. Bernard J. McGroarty and his family of Glenolden, Penn.

Father William F. Mullally of 4931 Sutherland Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. His Grand-Mother was Jane McGroarty, a daughter of James McGroarty of St. Louis, Missouri.

Father John McGroarty, Pastor of St. Columkille's Church, Donegal, Ireland. He has been a Priest over fifty years, and Father Neil McGroarty of the Parish of Inver, County Donegal, Ireland. He was ordained a Priest in 1927.


Nuns - McGroarty Girls.


Sister Mary Rose McGroarty of the Visitation Convent, Georgetown, Kentucky has a brother, the Rev. John McGroarty, pastor of St. Columbkille's church, Donegal, Ireland. When Sister Mary Rose McGroarty observed her golden jubilee as a religious of the Order of the Visitation Convent; the crowning message of the day was a cablegram received from His Holiness, Pope Pius II, bestowing the Papal blessing upon the happy jubilarian. Her Relatives in Chicago shared in the jubilee. She is now deceased.

Sister Louise of the Convent of Notre Dame, Grandin Road, Cincinnati, Ohio is also deceased. She was Sister Julia's Niece, the daughter of her sister Nellie McGroarty, who married Robert Rogers of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sister M. Cyprian of St. Joseph's Order lives at St. Louis, Mo. She is the daughter of Neil McGroarty in Ireland. They lived at Park-Bawn, two miles from Inver Bay. Sister Cyprian's Mother's name was Kennedy. Sister Cyprian has seven brothers and sisters, (Edward & John).

Sister Bernadette Marie of Mount St. Joseph's College in Cincinnati, on the Ohio River, Ohio is a Sister of Charity. She is Dan McGroarty's daughter of Denver, Colorado.

Sister Maureen, R. S. M. of St. Mary's Convent, Wilkes-Barre, Penn. She is the daughter of Sterling McGroarty of Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Sister Marcella in the Convent of Mercy, 2339 So. 3rd St. Philadelphia is the daughter of Patrick McGroarty of Sellosas, County Donegal, Ireland.

Sister Julia (Susan McGroarty) was at one time Superior General of the Congregation of Notre Dame De Namur in the U. S. She is now deceased.

Sister Basil of St. Joseph's Order of the Convent of St. Joseph's, St. Paul, Minnesota is the daughter of Bryan McGroarty of Inver Grove, Dakota Co. Minn. Two daughters of Dr. Bernard J. McGroarty of Glenolden, Penn. joined the Sisters of Notre Dame: - Mary, known as Sister Bernard Joseph; she died very suddenly she was very young, and had only been in the Convent seven years; and Catherine, - …(unreadable)…


McGroartys and their Kinsfolk, who were American Soldiers, Sailors
and Marines in the late Global War, (World War II).


Bernard V. Jr. son of Mr and Mrs Bernard V. McGroarty of Cleveland, Ohio: he was a Marine in the South Pacific. John N. McGroarty of 10103 Almira Ave., Cleveland, Ohio had two brothers in the armed service; one in Italy and the other in Alaska. Hugh McGroarty, Jr. of 19 Abbott St., Plains, Pa. had two sons in the armed forces: - Edward, his oldest son was a Flight Officer in the Air Corps and his second son, Joseph also served in the army. Hugh McGroarty, Jr. eldest sister, — Mrs. Nancy McGroarty Welch of Plains, Penn. had one son, - Robert, who served in the Infantry overseas. Hugh McGroarty, Jr. has two first cousins living in California: - James McHale, Sr.  of Tujunga, California; he had only two sons, — James McHale, Jr. and John Steven McGroarty McHale and they both served in the U. S. Army: and Richard McHale of Riverside, California; (4) four of his sons and daughters were in the armed service.

Dr. Bernard J. McGroarty of Glenolden, Pa. had three sons, - James, William and Richard, who were soldiers In the U. S. Army. The late Cornelius McGroarty, a brother of Dr. Bernard J. McGroarty had one son and his only daughter, who were in the armed services: - his son - Major Cornelius J. McGroarty, a brave and courageous officer with the Armored Division,(Tanks): and - his daughter, - Catherine, a Sgt. in the Women’s Marine Corps. Harry B. McGroarty, another brother of Dr. Bernard J. McGroarty has only one son and he also enlisted in the U. S. Army.

The late James McGroarty of 16155 - 106 St., Ozone Park, Queens, N. Y. had two sons, - Joseph and James, both of whom enlisted in the armed forces of the U. S. Army.

Charles and Frank McGroarty, two cousins of Joseph and James McGroarty, of Queens, New York, who served overseas were in the U. S. Infantry.

A McGroarty from Boston served in the U. S. Navy.

John McGroarty of Des Moines, Ia., had a son, - John, - a Paratrooper in the army, who was killed when the U. S. Army made the drive through Burgundy, France.

John McGroarty, 19 years old, A Navy Veteran, formerly a stalwart son of Killygordon, Donegal, Ireland, but now of N. Y.

Ann Jean McGroarty, R. N. worked at her profession for the U. S. Army in a Hospital at Cirencester, England.

William H. McGroarty of St Paul, Minn. (My Brother) has a son Billy, who was a gunner in the Air Corps

Brian and James McGroarty of Easton, Minnesota were both in the Army: (My two sons, I have no other children); James, a Sgt. in the Infantry spent 13 months on Luzon, in. the South Pacific. Dr. Brian J. McGroarty, a Physician and Surgeon, spent five years and five months in the army; 22 months of which time he was at the 15th Hospital Center, Cirencester, England. Dr Brian J. McGroarty's rank was that of Major in the U. S. Army: he is now specializing in Urology at the University Hospitals, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


“Deep in the hearts of countless Americans is an abiding gratitude to those men, living and dead, whose sacrifices have guarded our freedom for 170 years”.  On the 30th of May each year, we honor the memory of the American Soldier, Sailor and Marine who gave their lives in order that you and I may enjoy the liberty and opportunities of a free country. What picture comes to your mind, when you hear the words, - American soldier, sailor and marine? You see a man and a flag. The man may wear …. (unreadable)….. in modern uniform, handling an 1C-1 rifle. But whatever his period in history, you recognize him as a free citizen of a free country, with a belief in something bigger than himself. The flag stands for that belief, for his homeland, for its great tradition of liberty and equality for all and for its people, his friends and his neighbors. And in their defense he is ready to give his time and energy, yes, his very life, if need be. Until the day comes when all nations find a road to lasting peace, the safety and the strength of the United States will be in the able hands of these brave and courageous men.

These data relative to the McGroarty Clan were tabulated by Dr. John J. McGroarty during the month of August 1947.


I - Dr. John J. McGroarty of Easton Minnesota have one son,- James in St. Paul, Minn. and another son, Dr. Brian J. McGroarty of the University Hospitals, Minneapolis, Minn.

I have two sisters,- Mary, a widow: now Mrs. Wm. Corrigan and Sister Basil of St. Joseph's Order of St. Paul, Minnesota; and two brothers, William H. of St. Paul, Minn., and Bryan on the old McGroarty homestead in Inver Grove, Dakota County, Minnesota.


Supplementary Data.


Roy McGroarty of Lovilia, Ia., served in the Infantry in World War I. Daniel McGroarty Jr. lives at 1660 Vine St. Denver, Colo,.

There is a James McGroarty family living in Montreal, Canada.

There is a Rev. Joseph B. McGroarty, O.P. a Dominican Priest, living at 487 Michigan Ave., North-East: District of Columbia, Washington, D. C. He has an Aunt; - Mrs Anna Burke, (A McGroarty Girl, his father's sister) living at 130 Spring Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.