From the writings of
Dr JJ McGroarty, Easton, Minn (c.1881 - ?)

 Tabulated Dec, 26 1945.

Wilkes-Barre McGroartys.

Descendants of Charles McGroarty.


Charles McGroarty, born in 1778 was one of the six sons. None of his children came to America, but some of his grandchildren are living in and about Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. There are about 23 families of McGroartys living in Wilkes-Barre, the suburbs and immediate vicinity. Familiar names are; Michael McGroarty, owner and proprietor of a furniture store in Wilkes-Barre. John Stephen McGroarty of Plains, Penn. Catherine L. McGroarty, Hotel Sterling, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Mrs. E.A. Stapleton, — Katherine L. sister lives at 204 State St, Albany, New York. Mary McGroarty McHale, Frank's daughter lives at 192 Mayock St, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. John and Mrs. McGroarty of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Sterling McGroarty has a daughter a Nun, Sister Maureen, R.S.M. at St. Mary's Convent, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. John F. McGroarty, who died in the year 1940 was buried at Pringle, Pa. John F. McGroarty, former county tax collector and a prominent real estate and insurance broker in this city for many years, was buried in the family plot of St. Ignatius' cemetery, Pringle. Scores of local persons prominently iden­tified in business, professional and civic enterprises of the valley paid final tribute to his memory at the funeral from McLaughlin’s Funeral Home, 142 South Washington St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Pallbearers were: Thos. McHugh, Wm. Morrissey, Wm. McCawley, Leo McGroarty, Wm. McGroarty and John McGroarty. Charlotte McGroarty a nurse, who practices her profession in New York City, Charlotte’s father was John McGroarty of 579, Charles St. Wilkes-Barre, Lucerne Co., Pa. Charlotte's add­ress was at one time — Hotel Ansonia, Bivay, - 73 St. N. Y. City.

There is another McGroarty girl a Nurse, who lives with her mother, at Wilkes-Barre, Penn, John H. McGroarty now lives at 10103 Almira Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. He was formerly of Edwardsville, Pa. and his wife, whose maiden name was Maher, is from Kingston, Pa. These Towns are very close to Wilkes—Barre, Pa. John H. McGroarty is with the Brother-hood of Rail­road Trainmen. They have a twelve year old son - John Richard. John H. McGroarty had two brothers in the armed service — World War II. One in Italy and the other in Alaska.



Descendants of Neil McGroarty.


One of the six sons, Neil McGroarty, born about 1780 and died about 1815 married Nancy Montgomery. Neil McGroarty's Children. John, born about 1804, married Kitty McMeennamen; Hugh, born about 1805 married Mary McGinty; Kitty, born about 1810, married Peter Scanlon; Neil, born in 1812, never married; Patrick, born in 1814, married Rose McGroarty. All of these emi­grated to America, except John. Descendants of John McGroarty are Mary McGroarty Blaney and John J. McGroarty (Little John) as we called him:- Little John McGroarty came from Ireland, to Wilkes-Barre, Pa., when he was eighteen years old; his sister Catherine came with him. Little John McGroarty and his sister Catherine moved from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., to St Paul, Minnesota over 40 years ago. Several years later they were joined by their brother - Neal and their sister — Mary. Mary stayed in St. Paul, Minn, only a few years -4- then went back to Ireland, where she married. Neal remained in St. Paul, Minn, about ten years: moved to Wilkes-Barre, Penn., stayed there a few years, and now he and his family are living at Long Island, New York. This Neal McGroarty has three daughters: - Winifred, Beatrice and Mary. I understand that one of the girls died a few years ago.

Catherine married a Mr. Patrick Egan, of St. Paul, Minn. He was born on the old (Pat) Egan homestead in Inver Grove about 1/2 a mile from my grandfather's farm. They have two boys, - Neal and Robert. Patrick Egan, - Catherine's husband died suddenly about ten years ago. She and the boys still reside in St. Paul, Minn. John J. McGroarty (Little John) never married; accumulated quite a fortune which he gave to his sister,- Mrs. Patrick Egan. Little John McGroarty died in 1946 and he was buried, not in any of the St. Paul Cemeterys, but where he wished to be buried in the Inver Grove Cemetery (St. Patricks Cemetery). Little John and his sister, Catherine, - now Mrs. Pat. Egan state that their fathers name was Neal and their grandfathers name was John:- John who married Kitty McMennamen. Little John's father Neal came from Kellogs and his mother- Mary McGroarty came from Sellessos. Kellogs is a town in the Parish of Inver County of Donegal, Ireland. Sellessos is a town in the Parish of Inver, County of Donegal, Ireland: three miles from Kellogs, in which there is also a settlement of McGroartys.

Descendants of Hugh Montgomery McGroarty:- are, — John Stephen McGroarty; Margaret McGroarty Murrin; Bridget McGroarty Farrel; Bernard; Catherine McGroarty McHale and Hugh McGroarty, Sr. Hugh Montgomery McGroarty was born in Ardara, Parish of Inver, County Donegal, Ireland and Mary McGinty was from the neighbouring Parish of Glenties, Co Donegal, Ireland. Hugh Montgomery McGroarty born in 1806, died in 1906.


A - John Stephen McGroarty. A truly great American, beloved by millions both in his own California and throughout the nation. John Stephen McGroarty was born in Foster Township, Buck Mountain, Luzerne County, Pa. on August 20 1862; died August 7 1944, and came to California at the age of ....(unreadable)... in 1901. His early life in his native state was devoted to teaching, journalism and politics. He studied law and was ad­mitted to the bar in 1894. He practised law both in Pennsyl­vania and Montana. John S. McGroarty was united in marriage to Ida Lubrecht on November 19 1890. She died in 1940. A con­vert to the church in her later days, she shared the Poet's home life for nearly half a century. His was a varied career, in which he served successively as a newspaper man, lawyer, playwright and finally as a legislator; and also as a poet, and author. For years he was a literary contributor to the Los Angeles Times: — In the columns of the Los Angeles Times he presided every Sunday over an imaginary Synagogue of the faith­ful, wherein membership was open to all who believe in God and talk with God in morning and evening prayer, each according to the formula of his or her own creed. Countless thousands understand today that is the American way to believe in the Creator – God - as the source of the citizen's rights: that it is not the American way to say there is no God, as the Marxians and Communists teach: that it is the American way to leave everyone free to define God according to the light God gives one.

A Poet by nature, his prose was no less poetic than his poetry. As a public speaker, Mr. McGroarty's services were in constant demand. John S. McGroarty was a frequent contributor to maga­zines. Beyond all doubt, however, his literary masterpiece was the world-famed Mission Play. This was written and first produced in 1909 as the great literary and dramatic attraction of Southern California. John S. McGroarty’s poetic merits as a literary Californian had long previously received due recog­nition. The late Henry Van Dyke termed his work - "The Mission Play" the greatest of all the worlds pageant dramas.

.....(unreadable) the State of California came on May 15 1933, when by action of its Legislature, the title of Poet Laureate of California was conferred upon him. The greatest fame came to John S. McGroarty during his long years spent in California. Pope Pious XI honored this staunch and fervent Catholic by bestowing upon him in 1930 the Order of Knighthood in the Order of St. Gregory, the Great. John S. McGroarty served his adopted state from 1935 to 1939 as a member of the 74th and 75th Congress, as Representative from the Eleventh California district. He received the honor­ary degree of Doctor of Letters from the University of Southern California, and that of Doctor of Laws from the University of Santa Clara. King Alfonso XIII of Spain decorated him with the Order of Queen Isabella, the Catholic. Of his Irish blood and ancestry he was unmistakably proud: this gifted Catholic poet & dramatist never refused to lend his presence and his genial eloquence to religious and civic affairs. John S. McGroarty was greatly interested in every one that bore the name McGroarty or Montgomery: this clannish trait is an inherited characteristic of the McGroarty Clan. He was also proud to state that his father, the child of Nancy Montgomery was a kin to General Richard Montgomery of Donegal, the friend of Washington, the hero of the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec and the first General to die for American Independence:-—

John S. states that, - my consciousness of a clannish feeling, therefore; realizing as I do, that the blood of both the McGroartys and the Montgomerys courses in my own veins makes me proud of the fact that probably the most illustrious soldier in the present global war (World War II) is no less a man than General Sir Bernard Montgo­mery, commander of the famous British Eighth Army which so dis­tinguished itself in North Africa and in Sicily and later on in …..(unreadable)…

There can be no doubt that General Sir Bernard Montgomery is my kinsman by blood. He is also a Donegal man, born among the same gray mountains of Donegal, where both his people and mine have lived and have had their being for centuries. It was with vision almost prophetic that John Steven McGroarty mapped the strategy, even forty years ago, that now we understand must become the spirit of American education if the Americanism of the Founding Fathers is to withstand the attacks of atheistic Marxian Communism. He has taught all of us young and old the value of a well-spent life devoted to the highest inspira­tion of religion, patriotism and a full knowledge of the doct­rine of the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God. He never forgot the memory of the tragedy of his boyhood, when the wounded of the Civil War were returned to their communities in freight cars to become again in the mines, the victims of ruthless unregulated competition. His devotion to the veterans of World War I amounted almost to a passion. With all the force of his ardent nature he often said: — “The man who bares his breast to the foe, even though he never be wounded; even though he never takes part in actual combat; but has offered his servic­es at any price his Country may demand, deserves the complete gratitude of his Country; nothing is too good for the veteran.” This inspired bard of verse and prose was truly a great man and a good man, — so kind and so charitable, — All the distinguished honors conferred upon him were in acknowledgment and in recognition of his work and labors for God and America.

He was always introduced as California's most beloved citizen. His home, Rancho Chupa Rosa at Tujunga, was a mecca for celeb­rities visiting California. At McGroarty's bedside when the end came were his three nephews - James B, Hugh and John S. of Pennsylvania, and a grand-niece, — Nancy McHale, and a grand-nephew, - Pfc. John S McHale l1, on leave from his Army bass in Oklahoma. John Steven McGroarty was the twelfth and last child of Mary McGinty and Hugh Montgomery McGroarty, he was so frail the priest baptised him the day of his birth, in his father’s house at Buck Mountain. Our beloved Conducter of the Synagogue, - John S. McGroarty often repeated the warning of the English Quaker,- William Penn, whose Charter of Religious Liberty for Pennsylvania in 1688 was of the broadest character; quotation:- “Liberty, without Obedience, is Confusion; and Obedience without Liberty, is Slavery.”


B - Margaret McGroarty Murrin; a daughter of Hugh Montgomery McGroarty, and a sister of John S. McGroarty. She had ten children - five sons and five daughters. Mrs. McGroarty Murrin was a woman of high ideals: she was a woman cast in a heroic mould and had all her children highly educated. The late James B. Murrin, attorney and counsellor at law of the Union National Bank Building, Scranton, Penn. was the oldest child; he died rather suddenly with a heart attack in 1942. His sister, Margaret died the same year, also very suddenly. James B. Murrin states that General Stephen McGroarty of Cincinnati was a first-cousin of his grand-father Hugh Montgomery McGroarty. I am very grateful, indeed, to James B. Murrin for the valuable informa­tion he has given me concerning the genealogy of the McGroarty family, especially members of the older generations.


C - Bridget McGroarty Farrel, a sister of John S. McGroarty and a daughter of Hugh Montgomery McGroarty has two sons and two daughters living in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Her son, - Thomas Farrel was always very active in civic affairs, journalism and politics. He is Judge of The District Court, of Luzerne County, Pa. with his office at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Mary Brennan, a cousin, the daughter of Mrs. Ann Brennan is his secretary. Mary Brennan is a graduate of Trinity College, Washington, D.C. As a public speaker, Tommy Farrel was noted for his eloquence, good common sense and good judgement.


D- Catherine McGroarty McHale, a sister of John S. McGroarty. She was born in Buck Mountain, Pa, Feb. 14, 1853 and died in Glendale, California Jan. 16- 1937 at the age of 84 years. She was the 7th daughter of Hugh Montgomery McGroarty; however, only 5 lived to a good old age. Mr. McHale died in 1939. They had four sons, James, Hugh, Richard and John and one daughter, Margaret. All of them including their father and mother were born in Pennsylvania. They left Pennsylvania more than 50 years ago; lived in Anaconda, Montana 35 years, then they moved to Glendale, California. James is the eldest; his wife died Jan 30,1937, two weeks after his mother; then he and his two boys, - James, Jr. and John Steven McGroarty McHale removed to the home of his sister, - Margaret and her two brothers — Hugh and John in Glendale, California. In 1943 they gave up their home in Glendale, California, and went to live with John S. McGroarty at his home in Tujunga, California. Tujunga is 12 miles from Glendale. Both James, Jr. and John Steven McGroarty McHale served in the Army. James is 69 years old; Hugh, is 67 years old; Richard is 60 years old; he lives in Riverside, which is 60 miles from here: he has seven children and 4 of them were in the armed service. Margaret McHale is 59 years old and her brother, - John is 52 years old. Margaret, Hugh and John never married. James McHale, Jr. married Mary McClaskey of Philadelphia; they live at Wynnswood, a suburb of Philadelphia.

John Steven McHale, Jr. lives with his father, his Aunt, - Margaret McHale and his Uncles, - Hugh and John McHale at Rancho Chupa Rosa, Tujunga, California. Rancho Chupa Rosa means “The ranch of the humming bird”. Tujunga means “An Indian mother’s smile”.


E - Hugh McGroarty, Sr. One of the most prominent citizens of Plains, Pa. Plains is a suburb of Wilkes-Barre; a city of about 30,000 population. Hugh McGroarty , Sr. held many high positions of trust and responsibility, Hugh McGroarty, Sr. was born in Foster Township, Buck Mountain, Luzerne County, Pa., in 1855 and died, after a very short illness on Sept. 27-1942 at the age of 87 years. He was a true patriot and a very sincere catholic. He had four sons and two daughters. One daughter is married, and living in New York State. The eldest daughter, Mrs. Nancy McGroarty Welch lives in Plains, Penn. She has two daughters and one son, - Robert, who served in the Infantry overseas. Her husband died a few years ago with Diabetes, at the age of 43 years. His son Joseph is married and lives in New York City. His son Bernard W. McGroarty lives at 17824 East Park Drive, Cleveland, Ohio. Bernard W. McGroarty, one of Cleveland, Ohio’s prominent citizens has devoted his entire life to newspaper work and journalism. His literary contributions in the columns of the Cleveland Press; as an ardent advocate of action and progress in civic affairs for the betterment of the city, has achieved marvelous results. As a public speaker, for his good sound judgment, good common sense and good logic on current issues, Mr. Bernard McGroarty’s services are in constant demand. Bernard W. McGroarty's wife, - Elleanor is a graduate nurse, specializing in many branches of the profession. She is a very highly educated woman. They have one son, Bernard V. Jr. He is attending Kent State University. He is a big strong man, ….. {unreadable}…..

His son Hugh McGroarty Jr. lives at 19 Abbott St., Plains, Penn.

Hugh McGroarty, Jr a good kindhearted man with his good pious wife raised a family of four children, which are a credit to their parents, an asset to the State and Nation and an honor to their kinsfolks. Their oldest son Edward was a flight officer in World War II; he is married and now lives at Dodge City, Kansas. Their second son Joseph also served in the army; he lives in Plains, Penn. He is married and has one daughter, - Patricia. Their son Hugh, - The Priest, trained at his mother's knee to fold his hands in prayer, to first make the sign of the cross, persevered in his holy vocation until he was raised to the highest position on earth, The Holy Priesthood. I traveled all the way from St. Paul, Minn, to Scranton, Penn. and Plains, Penn, to be present at his ordination and when he ascended the High Altar of God to read his first mass on Dec. 22 1945 and Dec. 23 1945, respectively; and I never felt more proud in my life than when I realized that one of my own flesh and blood was chosen by Our Divine Master to such an exalted position. Their youngest child, — Mary Ann is a secretary for a C.I.O. organization.

In this branch of the McGroarty clan, the Neil McGroarty family; the name Hugh was carried down for four generations: - namely; Hugh Montgomery McGroarty, the 1st: Hugh McGroarty, Sr., the 2nd.: Hugh McGroarty, Jr., the 3rd.: and Hugh McGroarty, the Priest, the 4th. When I was a boy, in the years 8 to 13 I heard my Grand-Father John, the son of my Great Grand-Father, — Bryan talk so much about his Uncles and Aunts, in fact all his relations. So often, did he mention his Uncle, Neil McGroarty and his wife, Nancy Montgomery: Kitty McGroarty who married Peter Scanlon and Mary Blaney and many more of the older McGroartys, that I could almost visualize their personality. I remember my Grand-Father stating that the Montgomerys were loath to part with Nancy , when Neil fell in love with her; and won her for his bride; which natural and honorable passions Nancy appears to have fully reciprocated. In a brochure, which John S. McGroarty wrote about two years before he died he also mentions this cleavage. Quotation, “There was a cleavage be­tween the two families, a spiritual cleavage rather than any­thing else, although the Montgomerys were what was called ‘the landed gentry’ And the McGroartys were reduced to mere tenan­try on the soil of their forbears as a result of cruel and in­human British laws." Relationship, - John J. McGroarty,-(Little John, as we called him)(My Information) and his sister, Catherine, now Mrs. Pat Egan, state that their father's name was Niall. Niall, Neal or Neil was a first cousin of John S. McGroarty. Their father, - Neal was a second cousin of my father Bryan. This Neil's father's name was John, Little John's Grand-father. John, Little John's Grandfather, was a first cousin of my Grandfather, - John and his brothers, - Wm., Chas., Patrick, Dan, Neil and Red James. John, Little John's Grand-Father's Uncle was Bryan. John, Little John's Grand-Father, was a brother of Hugh Montgomery McGroarty. Neil was the name of Little John’s Great Grand-Father. Neil was also the name of Little John's Great, Great Grand-Father. General Stephen McGroarty of Cincinnati, who had such a wonderful career in the Civil War, and his brother, - Patrick the Attorney - were first cousins of Hugh Montgomery McGroarty. The General’s sister was Mother Julia McGroarty, a Nun and foundress of Trinity College, Wash­ington, D. C. and Hugh Montgomery McGroarty was her God-Father. Patrick McGroarty, a brother of my Great-Grand-Father, - Bryan was the Grand-Father of General Stephen McGroarty and Patrick's son Neil McGroarty was the father of the General and also the father of ……. (unreadable)….. in the Civil War.

To make the McGroarty relationship thoroughly reliable and correct, let me quote from Hugh McGroarty, Sr’s knowledge of the McGroarty Clan. In a letter, which he wrote me on March 18 1941 these are his exact statements: - "My father, Hugh Montgomery McGroarty was Mother Julia's God-Father. My Father, Hugh was born in Kellogs, Parish of Inver, County Donegal, Ireland in 1806 and died in Luzerne County, Penn. in 1906, He was the son of Niall McGroarty and Nancy Montgomery and grand-son of Niall McGroarty and Margaret Meighan. He came to America with his wife and two children, settling in Luzerne Co. Penn. My mother, - Mary McGinty, was born in Ardara, in the Parish of Glenties. She was a woman of great beauty and learn­ing. She dearly loved the McGroartys. She also told me that all of their women were smart and handsome. Furthermore, she told me of the nine Kitties— McGroartys of Kellogs. She spoke of the wisdom and goodness of Uncle Brinie and called him the Chief of the Clan; the rest consulted him before they acted. My Sister Margaret McGroarty Murrin died at the age of 91 years. Brinie and Niall, Jr. were brothers. Niall Jr. was my Grand-Father: Brinie was your Great Grand-Father; so my father and your grand­father, John were first cousins: your father, Bryan and I, - Hugh McGroarty, Sr. were second cousins. You, Dr. John and Bernard V., my son are 3rd cousins. Attorney, James Murrin is my sister Margaret's son and Judge Thomas F. Farrel is my sister Brid­get's son. Mother told me many tales of the McGroartys: - how father chased the ghost from under the bridge; how he and his sister, - Kittie - beat the 14 Englishmen coming over to America on the ship, that he was an active and aggressive man, ever ready to fight in a good cause: his brothers, - Neal and Patrick were gentle quiet men, and that Uncle Neal was a very hand- … (unreadable)…… I would love to see you, Dr. John. I want you to know how much I love all the McGroartys. God bless you, Dr. John and all the McGroartys.”


In the book entitled “Ireland's Ancient Schools and Scholars” by the Most Rev. John Healy, there is an account of the McGroarty family, in the chapter on the Schools of Moville, beginning at the middle of page 251. I am greatly indebted to Bernard W. and his wife Eleanor McGroarty of Cleveland, Ohio and also Hugh McGroarty Jr. of Plains, Penn. for the valuable data relative to the Wilkes-Barre McGroartys.


 Tabulated July 18 1940. 

Descendants of Bryan McGroarty


Bryan McGroarty, born in 1774 and died about 1840. He was my (Dr. John) Great-Grand-Father. He was one of the six sons.  He Had 12 children, - Charles, John, William, Patrick, Dan, Neal and James (Red James); Patrick, Dan, Neal and James stayed in Ireland. His daughters Isabelle, Margaret (Aunt Peggie), Catherine, - now Mrs. John Boyle of Wisconsin, and Nancy, she was called Red Nancy as she had red hair; she was a very fine looking woman: she never came to this country. No record of the other child.


Chester, Pa., McGroartys


Chester, Pa. (Boothwyn, Pa.) branch of Bryan McGroarty's family. Bryan McGroarty's son James married Susan Harvey. James McGroarty and Susan Harvey were the Grand-Parents of Dr. Bernard J McGroarty of Glenolden. Perm. Their children were: — James, Cornelius, William, Mary, Jane and Susan. Susan married a Mr Meehan; Susan Meehan stayed in Donegal. James married Anne Griffin; they stayed in Donegal. James and Anne Griffin had four children: - James, Belle, William and Philip. Cornelius married Catherine McGarrigle: - their children were, - Susan Catherine, now Mrs. Pat Brady, a widow, no children; James, single, died a few years ago, in 1943.; William died as a baby; Joseph is dead; Cornelius Jr. is also dead; Edwin; Harry; Jeannette, now Mrs. P.R. Van-Eps, a widow, no children; Dr. William V. single, a Veterinarian, an employee of the Federal Government; he is an authority in his profession; Bernard J. a Veterinarian, an investigator in Public Health work, a medical educator in the field of vaccines and serums and a research worker in the battle against sickness and disease in both animals and man. He is also a scientist. He is general manager of Sharp and Dohms laboratories, outside of Philadelphia.


Edwin has two children. Harry B. has two children, Elizabeth and Harry; Harry, Jr, served in the late World War. The late Cornelius had four children: - Cornelius Jr., John, Catherine and James. Major Cornelius J. McGroarty served in the late war - World War II - with honor and distinction especially in Italy; he was a brave and capable officer. Catherine also served in the Women’s Marine Corps. Dr. Bernard J. McGroarty lives at 2l6 E. Glenolden Ave., Glenolden, Pa. His wife's name was Anna Kelly. His oldest son Bernard J., was accidentally shot while hunting. Mary, the eldest girl joined the Sisters of Notre Dame; she was given the name Sister Bernard Joseph; unfortunately, she died very suddenly in the fall of 1946 after living in the Convent only 7 years. Catherine also joined the Sisters of Notre Dame; in the congregation of Sisters, she is known as Sister Marie Bernard. His sons, — James, William and Richard were in the arm­ed services; James and William served overseas. William is now studying Theology and in a few years he will be ordained a Priest: he has joined the Jesuit Order. Edwin and Joseph were twins, Joseph died, however, when he was a baby. Jane, Helen and Anne are their other daughters. Mrs. Anna Kelly McGroarty in cooperation with her husband, Dr. Bernard J. McGroarty trained their children well in the principles of Christianity, in the true spirit of fraternalism and in the highest ideals of patriotism: so that today they are a credit and an honor to their parents, the Community, State and Nation. We should all be proud of this grand family. Cornelius’s family live in a Suburb close to Philadelphia, a very fine family, indeed. Mary McGroarty, Dr. Bern­ard J. McGroarty's eldest sister is a good kindhearted lady. Jeannette McGroarty, now Mrs. Van-Eps, a Registered Nurse, with many University degrees is a very highly educated woman. Dr Wm. V. the veterinarian told me, when I visited at the home of his sisters, Mary and Jeannette, the last week of Dec. 1945 that his father, when he came to Chester, Pa. in early days, did not intend to remain there but instead join the other McGroartys in St. Paul, Minn. however he became interested in the milk business; he was very successful in this new enterprise and so consequently stayed in Chester, Pa. He was a very keen business man and accumulated considerable property and wealth.


St. Paul, Minnesota McGroartys.

St. Paul, Minn. branch of Bryan McGroarty's family.


A tabulation of this family of McGroartys was made Oct. 10 1934 by me, - Dr. John J. McGroarty of Inver Grove, Minnesota. William B. (Bernard) 1825—1865, a Captain in the Civil War, of St. Paul, Minnesota was a brother of my Grand-Father, — John.


William B. was born August 16 1825, came to this country in 1844; spent two years in New York, then moved to Casselton, Vermont: married there in 1848 and settled in St. Paul in 1853. He was a member of the first state legislature in 1857—1858. He was also a member of the first state constitutional convention, when Minnesota was admitted as a state. His picture hangs in the state capitol and there is a history of his life in the state Library. He entered the army in 1861 as first lieutenant, promoted to Captain, acting as assistant quartermaster. He was drowned Feb. 16 1865 at La Crosse, Wis. while crossing the Mississippi River, when returning to the South to join the regular army after being home since Christmas on a furlough. Wm. B. and his companion were both drowned and they were buried on the bank of the river by the soldiers. William B. was the youngest of twelve children. Eugenia F., William B’s youngest daughter, (My Information) was only four years old when her father died. She is now (Aug.20 1947) 86 years old and in very good health.


Isabelle, William B’s oldest daughter, a music teacher married Robert Oxborough of Oxborough-Heath as his second wife: six children were born to this union, three sons and three daughters: he had a big family from his first wife. She died in 1926. Mary and her husband Dr. Dewey, a Physician are both dead. They had no children. Geraldine, Principal of the Lincoln High School in St. Paul for many years is now dead. She never married. Eugenia F. was Principal of the Harrison High School in St. Paul for thirty years. William Jr. a real gentleman, was Judge in St. Paul for fourteen years. While traveling from Stillwater, Minn, to St. Paul, Minn. the train was wrecked and William’s leg so badly injured that it had to be amputated at the knee; the other leg never developed normally and as a result he was made six inches shorter in stature: finally he lost his mental faculties and died at the age of seventy four in 1929 in the Hastings Asylum. William B’s other son Walter is also dead. Walter’s wife and only daughter, - Gertrude are both dead. Walter had three sons — Paul, the oldest boy is now postmaster at McCloud, California. Victor lives at 2200 E. 32nd St. South Minneapolis, Minn, and Marcus lives at 3323 W. 32nd St. South Minneapolis, Minnesota. They spell the name McGrorty.


Charles 1811 - 1874.


Charles was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1811 and died Sept. 28-1874 at the age of sixty-three years from injuries received while working on his farm. He was the oldest of the three McGroartys, Charles, John and William, who settled here in St. Paul, Minnesota. Charles had four daughters, Bridget, Ann, Mary and Bell and two sons, - William and Patrick. William (Billy) died in 1860 when he was a real small boy. He was burned by falling into a tub of hot water. Paddy never married: he was sixty-six years old at the time of his death. He fell into a deep hole while walking home one night and broke his neck. At autopsy he was found to have only one kidney; he was always well however. Bridget went to St. Louis when a young girl with some of the McGroarty's of St. Louis (Billy McGroarty), who came up here on a visit; never returned, and married there. She was gone before my mother case to Inver Grove, when she (Mother) was married in 1879. Mary, now Mrs. Geo. Grant had one son: they spend most of their time traveling all over the U. S. Ann, a great cook worked at the Sawyer House (Hotel) in Stillwater, Minn., for years. She married a Mr. O'Neill or possibly his name was O'Brien; he died a few years after they were married and in a year or two Ann herself died. She left one little boy, Joe. He then stayed with his Grandmother (Old Nellie) that is Charlie’s wife and always went by the name of Joe McGroarty. Joe was six feet one inch in stature. Ann died in 1883. Joe died when twenty-one years of age of T.B. in 1892. Bell married a Mr. (Tommy) Meighan. He has been dead for years. They had no children. Bell died in 1942. My mother, William Jr. and Bell Meighan were all the same age.


John 1824 — 1891


His biography and that of his son, - Bryan are recorded in the History of Dakota County, Minnesota. John was born in the Parish of Inver, Town of Kellogs near Inver Bridge, County Donegal, Ireland. He named Inver Grove (Both the township and Village, - a suburb of St. Paul) in Dakota County, Minnesota, after Inver Parish in Ireland, on account of the similarity in both landscapes. I have a picture of Inver Parish in the County Donegal, where my grand-father lived and where my father, - Bryan was born and there certainly is a very striking resemblance in topography and arrangement of scenery. John had only one child, a son Bryan, my Father. Bryan was born in Inver Parish, Ireland in 1845, came to Minnesota when he was six or eight years old with his parents, settling in Inver Grove. He died May 5 1934. He was buried in the Inver Grove Cemetery, - a tract of twenty-two acres which my grand-father, - John gave in early days to the Archdiocese of St. Paul. Captain William B. and his brother, - John, my grand-father also gave a section of land to the Archdiocese of St. Paul, where today the grounds are graced by the beautiful buildings of St. Thomas College, and Saint Paul Seminary.


Sisters - Four.


John, Charles, James and William's Sisters Isabelle, a Mrs. Dorrien, died in 1886 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery, St. Paul, Minn. She had four children, two girls and two boys, namely, Mrs. John Brown, deceased, she had no family; Mrs. Derrick, deceased, one daughter, - Lo and two grand-daughters, - Mrs. Platt B. Walker of Minneapolis and Mrs. Walsh of St. Paul reside in the Twin Cities. James and John, both her sons are dead. James was never married. Margaret (Aunt-Peggie) unmarried. She was a young girl when she died. She died soon after coming here. She died here with her brother, — John, and is buried here in the Inver Grove Cemetery. Catherine, now Mrs. John Boyle of Wisconsin, as stated. Nancy married a Mr. Fischer, they never came to this country.